Ambari Managed HDF Upgrade
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Upgrade HDP

You can upgrade to HDP 3.0.x and HDP 3.1.0. Upgrading your HDP cluster involves registering your new HDP version, updating base URLs, installing the new HDP packages, and then performing either an express or rolling upgrade.

You have obtained the necessary HDP, HDP UTILs, and HDF base URLs from the HDF Release Notes.
  1. In Ambari, go to Manage Versions and register your new HDP version.
  2. Select the HDP 3.0.x version to which you want to upgrade, and update the base URLs for HDP, HDF, and HDP UTILs.
  3. Install the new packages from the registered version of HDP.
  4. Perform an upgrade to your latest version of HDP as described in the HDP upgrade documentation.