Ambari Managed HDF Upgrade
Also available as:

Upgrade the Ambari Database Schema

  1. Upgrade Ambari Server database schema. On the host running Ambari Server:
    ambari-server upgrade
  2. Confirm there is only one ambari-server*.jar file in /usr/lib/ambari-server. If there is more than one JAR file with name ambari-server*.jar, move all JARs except ambari-server- to /tmp before proceeding with upgrade.
  3. Start the Ambari Server. On the host running Ambari Server:
    ambari-server start
  4. Start all Ambari Agents. On each host in your cluster running an Ambari Agent:
    ambari-agent start
  5. Open Ambari Web.

    Point your browser to http://<your.ambari.server>:8080

    where <your.ambari.server> is the name of your ambari server host. For example,


    Refresh your browser so that it loads the new version of the Ambari Web code. If you have problems, clear your browser cache manually, then restart Ambari Server.