Ambari Managed HDF Upgrade
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Upgrade the Ambari Agents

Perform the Ambari Agent upgrade on each host running an Ambari Agent. The Agent upgrade process consists of running the upgrade commands appropriate for your operating system and verifying the successful upgrade.

  1. Upgrade all Ambari Agents. On each host in your cluster running an Ambari Agent:
    • For RHEL/CentOS/Oracle Linux:

      yum upgrade ambari-agent
    • For SLES:

      zypper up ambari-agent

      Ignore the warning that begins with "There are some running programs that use files deleted by recent upgrade".


      When performing upgrade on SLES, you will see a message "There is an update candidate for 'ambari-agent', but it is from different vendor. Use 'zypper install ambari-agent-<version>-<build>.noarch' to install this candidate". You will need to use yast to update the package, as follows:

      1. Display the command line UI for YaST by entering:
        > yast
      2. Choose Software > Software Management, then click Enter.
      3. In the Search Phrase field, enter ambari-agent, then click the Enter button.
      4. On the right side you will see the search result ambari-agent 2.7. Click Actions, choose Update, then click the Enter button.
      5. Go to Accept, and click enter.
    • For Ubuntu/Debian:

      apt-get update
      apt-get install ambari-agent
  2. After the upgrade process completes, check each host to make sure the new files have been installed:
    For RHEL/CentOS/Oracle Linux 7:
    rpm -qa | grep ambari-agent
    For SLES 12:
    rpm -qa | grep ambari-agent
    For Ubuntu 14:
    dpkg -l ambari-agent
    For Ubuntu 16:
    dpkg -l ambari-agent
    For Debian 9:
    dpkg -l ambari-agent