5. Confirm Hosts

This screen lets you confirm that Ambari has located the correct hosts for your cluster and to check those hosts to make sure they have the correct directories, packages, and processes to continue the install.

If any hosts were selected in error, you can remove them by selecting the appropriate checkboxes and clicking the grey Remove Selected button. To remove a single host, click the small white Remove button in the Action column.

At the bottom of the screen, you may notice a yellow box that indicates some warnings were encountered during the check process. For example, your host may have already had a copy of wget or curl. Click Click here to see the warnings to see a list of what was checked and what caused the warning. On the same page you can get access to a python script that can help you clear any issues you may encounter and let you run Rerun Checks.

When you are satisfied with the list of hosts, click Next.

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