9. Customize Services

The Customize Services screen presents you with a set of tabs that let you manage configuration settings for Hadoop components. The wizard attempts to set reasonable defaults for each of the options here, but you can use this set of tabs to tweak those settings. and you are strongly encouraged to do so, as your requirements may be slightly different. Pay particular attention to the directories suggested by the installer.


In HDFS Services Configs General, make sure to enter an integer value, in bytes, that sets the HDFS maximum edit log size for checkpointing. A typical value is 500000000.

Hover your mouse over each of the properties to see a brief description of what it does. The number of tabs you see is based on the type of installation you have decided to do. In a complete installation there are nine groups of configuration properties and other related options, such as database settings for Hive and Oozie and admin name/password and alert email for Nagios.

The install wizard sets reasonable defaults for all properties except for those related to databases in the Hive tab and the Oozie tab, and two related properties in the Nagios tab. These four are marked in red and are the only ones you must set yourself.


If you decide to use an existing database instance for Hive/HCatalog or for Oozie, you must have completed the preparations described in Using Non-Default Databases prior to running the install wizard.

Click the name of the group in each tab to expand and collapse the display.

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