9.2. Properties That Depend on Service Usernames/Groups

Some properties must be set to match specific service usernames or service groups. If you have set up non-default, customized service usernames for the HDFS or HBase service or the Hadoop group name, you must edit the following properties:


Table III.9.3. HDFS Settings: Advanced

Property NameValue
dfs.permissions.supergroupThe same as the HDFS username. The default is "hdfs"
dfs.cluster.administratorsA single space followed by the HDFS username.
dfs.block.local-path-access.userThe HBase username. The default is "hbase".


Table III.9.4. MapReduce Settings: Advanced

Property NameValue
mapreduce.tasktracker.groupThe Hadoop group name. The default is "hadoop".
mapreduce.cluster.administratorsA single space followed by the Hadoop group name.

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