21. Install New HDP 2.2 Services

Install new HDP 2.2 Services:

  1. Tez -- YARN-based processing framework that greatly improves query response times for Hive and other YARN applications.

  2. Phoenix -- SQL skin over HBase that makes it easier and faster to build HBase applications.

  3. Accumulo -- a high-performance data storage and retrieval system with cell-level access control. It is a scalable implementation of Google’s Big Table design that works on top of Hadoop and ZooKeeper.

  4. Storm -- Real-time event stream processing platform that provides fixed, continuous, & low latency processing for very high frequency streaming data.

  5. Falcon -- Framework for simplifying the development of data management applications in Apache Hadoop.

  6. Knox -- Apache Knox is the Web/REST API Gateway solution for Hadoop. It provides a single access point for all of Hadoop resources over REST.

  7. Slider -- YARN application to deploy existing distributed applications on YARN, monitor them, and make them larger or smaller as desired even while the application is running.

  8. Ranger -- Comprehensive approach to central security policy administration across the core enterprise security requirements of authentication, authorization, accounting and data protection

  9. Kafka -- an open-source message broker project written in Scala.

  10. Spark -- an open-source cluster computing engine.

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