26. Upgrade Apache Ranger

Apache Ranger is the new name for XASecure, an HDP 2.1 add-on product.

  1. Backup the following config directories:

    xapolicymgr config (from /usr/lib/xapolicymgr)
    uxugsync config (from /usr/lib/uxugsync)
    agents config (/etc/hadoop/conf, /etc/hive/conf, /etc/hbase/conf)

    Backup Ranger policy/audit databases. For example:

    mysqldump xasecure > /tmp/xasecure/backup_xasecure.sql


    The DB host and xaadmin and xalogger user details are important to note because you must specify the same database details when installing the HDP 2.2 version of Ranger.

  2. Stop services.

    • Stop Policy Admin

      service xapolicymgr stop

    • Stop user sync.

      service uxugsync stop

    • Stop other HDP Services.

  3. Cleanup startup files/symbolic links

    rm -f /etc/init.d/xapolicymgr
    rm -rf /etc/rc*.d/*xapolicymgr
    rm -f /etc/init.d/uxugsync
    rm -rf /etc/rc*.d/*uxugsync
    rm -f /usr/lib/xapolicymgr
    rm -f /usr/lib/uxugsync
  4. Follow the Ranger Install instructions for HDP 2.2 to install the following Ranger components: Ranger-Admin Ranger-UserSync (Plugins for HDFS, HBase, Hive, Knox and Storm as required.)

  5. Restart Ranger Services

    service ranger-admin start

    service ranger-usersync start

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