9. Start YARN/MapReduce Services

To start YARN, run commands as a YARN user. To start MapReduce, run commands as a MapReduce user.

  1. Start the ResourceManager on all your ResourceManager hosts.

    su -l yarn -c "/usr/hdp/current/hadoop-yarn-resourcemanager/sbin/yarn-daemon.sh start resourcemanager" 
    ps -ef | grep -i resourcemanager
  2. Start the NodeManager on all your NodeManager hosts.

    su - l yarn -c "/usr/hdp/current/hadoop-yarn-nodemanager/sbin/yarn-daemon.sh start nodemanager"
    ps -ef | grep -i nodemanager
  3. To start MapReduce, run the following commands:

    su -l yarn -c "/usr/hdp/current/hadoop-mapreduce-historyserver/sbin/mr-jobhistory-daemon.sh start historyserver"
    ps -ef | grep -i jobhistoryserver 

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