HDP-2.3.0 Release Notes
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HDP 2.3 provides Slider 0.80.0 and the following Apache patches:


  • SLIDER-812 Making component configurations in appConfig available on the SliderAgent side

  • SLIDER-891 Add ability to set Slider AM launch environment during cluster create/start


  • SLIDER-810 YARN config changes to enable partial logs upload for long running services (default include/exclude patterns does not upload any files)

  • SLIDER-877 move SLIDER_HOME assignment to slider.py

  • SLIDER-878 Slider cannot support JDK 1.8 for command slider registry --getconf hbase-site --name hb1

  • SLIDER-888 intermittent errors when accessing key store password during localization of cert stores

  • SLIDER-901 AgentClientProvider should use File.separator in paths for platform independence

  • SLIDER-902 add config to client cert gen command

  • SLIDER-904 Resource leak reported by coverity scan results

  • SLIDER-905 Container request fails when Slider requests container with node label and host constraints