HDP-2.3.0 Release Notes
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HDP 2.3 provides Tez 0.7.0 and the following Apache patches:


  • TEZ-2461 tez-history-parser compile fails with hadoop-2.4.

  • TEZ-2076 Tez framework to extract/analyze data stored in ATS for specific dag.


  • TEZ-2568 auto_sortmerge_join_5 fails in Tez mode

  • TEZ-2548 TezClient submitDAG can hang if the AM is in the process of shutting down.

  • TEZ-2475 Fix a potential hang in Tez local mode caused by incorrectly handled interrupts.

  • TEZ-2554 Tez UI: View log link does not correctly propagate login credential to read log from YARN web.

  • TEZ-2547 Tez UI: Download Data fails on secure, cross-origin clusters

  • TEZ-2546 Tez UI: Fetch hive query text from timeline if dagInfo is not set.

  • TEZ-2513 Tez UI: Allow filtering by DAG ID on All dags table.

  • TEZ-2541 DAGClientImpl enable TimelineClient check is wrong.

  • TEZ-2539 Tez UI: Pages are not updating in IE.

  • TEZ-2535 Tez UI: Failed task attempts link in vertex details page is broken.

  • TEZ-2489 Disable warn log for Timeline ACL error when tez.allow.disabled.timeline-domains set to true.

  • TEZ-2528 Tez UI: Column selector buttons gets clipped, and table scroll bar not visible in mac.

  • TEZ-2391 TestVertexImpl timing out at times on Jenkins builds.

  • TEZ-2509 YarnTaskSchedulerService should not try to allocate containers if AM is shutting down.

  • TEZ-2527 Tez UI: Application hangs on entering erroneous RegEx in counter table search box

  • TEZ-2523 Tez UI: derive applicationId from dag/vertex id instead of relying on json data

  • TEZ-2505 PipelinedSorter uses Comparator objects concurrently from multiple threads.

  • TEZ-2504 Tez UI: tables - show status column without scrolling, numeric 0 shown as Not available

  • TEZ-2478 Move OneToOne routing to store events in Tasks.

  • TEZ-2482 Tez UI: Mouse events not working on IE11

  • TEZ-1529 ATS and TezClient integration in secure kerberos enabled cluster.

  • TEZ-2481 Tez UI: graphical view does not render properly on IE11

  • TEZ-2474 The old taskNum is logged incorrectly when parallelism is changed

  • TEZ-2460 Temporary solution for issue due to YARN-2560

  • TEZ-2455 Tez UI: Dag view caching, error handling and minor layout changes

  • TEZ-2453 Tez UI: show the dagInfo is the application has set the same.

  • TEZ-2447 Tez UI: Generic changes based on feedbacks.

  • TEZ-2409 Allow different edges to have different routing plugins