HDP-2.3.0 Release Notes
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HDP 2.3 provides Storm 0.10.0-beta and the following Apache patches:

  • STORM-583 Add Microsoft Azure Event Hub spout implementations

  • STORM-713 Include topic information with Kafka metrics.

  • STORM-708 CORS support for STORM UI.

  • STORM-741 Allow users to pass a config value to perform impersonation.

  • STORM-724 Document RedisStoreBolt and RedisLookupBolt which is missed.

  • STORM-711 All connectors should use collector.reportError and tuple anchoring.

  • STORM-714 Make CSS more consistent with self, prev release

  • STORM-703 With hash key option for RedisMapState, only get values for keys in batch

  • STORM-691 Add basic lookup / persist bolts

  • STORM-727 Storm tests should succeed even if a storm process is running locally.

  • STORM-166 Highly Available Nimbus