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Configuring Apache Falcon Hook

The Apache Falcon hook sends messages about Falcon entities to the notification server so Atlas can read them and register the entities. To use the Falcon hook with Atlas, add the following property settings to the specified configuration files:

  1. Add the following property to the section in the <falcon-conf>/ file:

  2. Link the Falcon hook JAR files in the FALCON_CLASSPATH:

    ln -s <ATLAS_HOME>/hook/falcon/* <FALCON_HOME>/server/webapp/falcon/WEb-INF/lib/
  3. Copy the <atlas-conf>/ file and the <atlas-conf>/ file to the <falcon-conf> directory.


Currently, the Falcon hook has the following limitations:

  • Only process entity creation is updated.

  • For Falcon cluster entities, the cluster name should be uniform across components that are used, such as Hive, Falcon, and Sqoop. If used with Ambari, the Ambari cluster name should be used for the Falcon cluster entity name.