Command Line Installation
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Configuring the "Hosts" Files

For multi-node systems, populate the following configuration files in $ACCUMULO_CONF_DIR: masters, slaves, tracers, monitor and gc. Each of these files corresponds to a list of hosts which run certain Accumulo processes. These files are for the Accumulo Master, TabletServer, Tracer, Monitor and GarbageCollector, respectively. In the provided example configurations, “localhost” is populated in these files. These files control the placement of Accumulo processes across many nodes.

When multiple hosts are specified in slaves and tracers, this results in the appropriate process actively running on each of the listed hosts. For the other files, while the appropriate process starts on each listed host, only one of the started processes is active. The other processes stay in a hot-standby state, attempting to become the active process that enables high-availability deployments.