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Configuring Atlas For Apache Kafka Notifications

To generate Apache Kafka notifications, you must modify certain Atlas properties. This change is required for Ranger integration or anytime there is a consumer of entity change notifications.

  1. Modify the following Atlas properties by adding the prefix 'atlas.kafka'. These properties are located in the conf/ file in the ranger-tagsync installation directory:

    Received from Tom's doc:


    For “atlas.kafka.bootstrap.servers” and “atlas.kafka.zookeeper.connect”, modify host names based on your cluster topology. The directory specified in “” should exist.

  2. Add an export of HADOOP_CLASSPATH which includes the required Atlas directories to the hive-env configuration export HADOOP_CLASSPATH=/etc/atlas/conf:/usr/hdp/current/atlas-server/hook/hive:${HADOOP_CLASSPATH}.


    It is important that the Atlas directories are prepended to the existing classpath.

  3. Restart the Atlas and Hive services after the cluster is fully provisioned.