Command Line Upgrade
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Configure and Start Apache HBase


The su commands in this section use "hbase" to represent the HBASE Service user. If you are using another name for your HBASE Service user, you need to substitute your HBASE Service user name for "hbase" in each of the su commands.

The is removed in HDP-2.5.3. This simplifies the configuration of block cache. BucketCache configurations from HDP 2.1 need to be recalculated to attain identical memory allotments in HDP-2.5.3. The L1 LruBlockCache be whatever hfile.block.cache.size is set to and the L2 BucketCache is whatever hbase.bucketcache.size is set to.

  1. Upgrade Apache HBase.

    hbase upgrade -execute

  2. Replace your configuration after upgrading. Replace the HBase template configuration in /etc/hbase/conf.

  3. Start services. From root, assuming that $HBASE_USER=hbase:

    su - hbase -c "/usr/hdp/current/hbase-master/bin/ start master; sleep 25"

    su - hbase -c "/usr/hdp/current/hbase-regionserver/bin/ start regionserver"

  4. Check processes.

    ps -ef | grep -i hmaster

    ps -ef | grep -i hregion