Command Line Upgrade
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Configure and Start Hue


The su commands in this section use keywords to represent the Service user. For example, "hue" is used to represent the Hue Service user. If you are using another name for your Service users, you need to substitute your Service user name in each of the su commands.

For HDP 2.5, use the Hue version shipped with HDP 2.5. If you have a previous version of Hue, use the following steps to upgrade Hue.

  1. Migrate the hue.ini setting from your old hue.ini configuration file to new hue.ini configuration file.

  2. If you are using the embedded SQLite database, remember to restore your database after upgrade.

    To restore the database from a backup, make sure the destination database is empty before copying (if necessary, rename or remove the current destination database), then copy your backup to the destination database.

    For example:

    su - hue

    cd /var/lib/hue

    mv desktop.db desktop.db.old

    sqlite3 desktop.db < ~/hue_backup/desktop.bak


  3. Synchronize the database.

    cd /usr/lib/hue

    source ./build/env/bin/activate

    hue syncdb


  4. Start Hue. As a root user, run the following command on the Hue Server:

    /etc/init.d/hue start