Command Line Upgrade
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Configure and Start Apache Sqoop

  1. Replace your configuration after upgrading.

    Copy /etc/sqoop/conf from the template to the conf directory in sqoop hosts.

  2. Upload the Apache Sqoop tarball to HDFS. As the <HDFS_User>, for example 'hdfs':

    su -c "hdfs dfs -mkdir -p /hdp/apps/<$version>/sqoop"

    hdfs su -c "hdfs dfs -chmod -R 555 /hdp/apps/<$version>/sqoop"

    hdfs su -c "hdfs dfs -chown -R hdfs:hadoop /hdp/apps/<$version>/sqoop"

    hdfs su -c "hdfs dfs -put /usr/hdp/<$version>/sqoop/sqoop.tar.gz /hdp/apps/<$version>/sqoop/sqoop.tar.gz"

    hdfs su -c "hdfs dfs -chmod 444 /hdp/apps/<$version>/sqoop/sqoop.tar.gz" hdfs