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Apache HBase

Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 2.5 supports Apache HBase version 1.1.2. Important new features include the following:

Backing up and Restoring Apache HBase Datasets (Technical Preview)

You can back up an HBase dataset that runs on a production cluster by performing a single full backup and then capturing incremental changes to the dataset. Incremental backups require less system resources and storage capacity than previous backup-and-restore solutions. The recovery utility also facilitates bringing back online a snapshot of data at a particular point in time.

Medium Object (MOB) Storage Support

You can configure HBase table columns to store objects with data over 100 KB with less performance degradation than medium-size objects previously caused. The feature enables you to tune parameters so that you can adjust how the impact of bigger data objects is spread over the HBase cluster.

Using Grafana Dashboards in Ambari

The Services UI of Ambari shows Grafana dashboards that provide graphical visualizations of HBase data distribution and other boilerplate performance metrics. The graphical and tabular information can help monitor HBase clusters and troubleshoot problems.