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Apache Hive

Important new features include the following:

Interactive SQL Query with Apache Hive LLAP (Technical Preview)

Apache Hive enables interactive and sub-second SQL through LLAP, a new component introduced in Hive 2.0 that makes Hive faster by using persistent query infrastructure and optimized data caching.

LLAP Dashboards Added to Grafana

Grafana dashboards are available for Hive LLAP. The LLAP Heat map dashboard and the LLAP Overview dashboard let you quickly see where the hotspots are among the LLAP daemons. If you find an issue and want to drill down into a specific system, use the LLAP Daemon dashboard.

Support for Row-Level Filtering and Column Masking

Row-level filtering and column masking is supported in HDP 2.5. This functionality allows you to filter rows from query results based on Apache Ranger policies and the ability to mask data in query results based on Apache Ranger policies.

New Hive View 1.5

With the release of Apache Ambari 2.4.0, Hortonworks Data Platform provides Hive View 1.5, which works with the JDBC client.

Add Database/Table Creation from File in Hive View

In the Upload Table tab, you can upload files that contain the rows of the Apache Hive table. The Upload Table command supports various input file formats. On uploading, it creates a new Hive table with the data.

Interoperability of Hive and Phoenix (Technical Preview)

You can configure Phoenix Storage Handlers so that Hive queries can be run on Phoenix data.