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Content Roadmap

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The following table provides links to Apache HBase information resources, as well as some additional Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) resources that can help you work with and develop for HBase. The table points to resources that are not contained in this HDP Data Access Guide.

Table 5.1. HBase Content Roadmap in Other Sources

Type of InformationResourcesDescription

Welcome to Apache HBase

(Source: Apache website)

Provides a short description of Apache HBase and its features. Important: Do not use the Download link on the website in place of the Hortonworks distribution of HBase for your HDP Hadoop deployment.

Apache HBase Architecture Overview and Reference Guide

(Source: Apache website)

This link jumps to a summary of how HBase relates to other parts of the Hadoop environment and lists key HBase components. The remainder of the website includes many different explanations, tips, and examples.

Why We Use HBase series posted on the Apache Software Foundation blog:

Scalable Distributed Transactional Queues

Medium Data and Universal Data Systems

From MySQL to HBase

Investing in Big Data: Apache HBase

Contributors from different companies describe why they use HBase, the benefits of the NoSQL database, and case studies. These blog articles include diagrams that illustrate how HBase components work in the Hadoop environment.


Quick Start - Standalone HBase

(Source: Apache website)

A getting started tutorial that walks you through the installation and setup of a standalone HBase instance on a local file system. The instance is for instructional purposes only and not intended for production use.

Installation and Upgrade

Installing HDP with the Ambari Web UI

(Source: Hortonworks)

Ambari provides an end-to-end management and monitoring solution for your HDP cluster. Using the Ambari Web UI and REST APIs, you can deploy, operate, manage configuration changes, and monitor services for all nodes in your cluster from a central point.

Installing HDP manually

(Source: Hortonworks)

Describes the information and materials you need to get ready to install HDP manually, rather than to install with Ambari.

Upgrading HDP with Ambari

(Source: Hortonworks)

Ambari and the HDP Stack being managed by Ambari can be upgraded independently. This guide provides information on: Getting ready to upgrade Ambari and HDP, Upgrading Ambari, and Upgrading HDP.

Non-Ambari Cluster Upgrade Guide

(Source: Hortonworks)

These instructions cover the upgrade between two minor releases. If you need to upgrade between two maintenance releases, follow the upgrade instructions in the HDP Release Notes.

Performance Tuning

Apache HBase Performance Tuning

(Source: Apache website)

Guides you through the many factors that can affect performance of an HBase cluster and how you can adjust your Hadoop stack and other architecture variables to optimize HBase for your goals.

Tuning G1GC for Your HBase Cluster

(Source: Apache Software Foundation)

This is a detailed, step-by-step blog describing how to tune HBase clusters by configuring the Garbage First garbage collector (G1GC).


HBase Service Alerts

(Source: Hortonworks)

Describes the predefined HBase service alerts that are available in Ambari. Review the sections of the chapter preceding "HBase Service Alerts" to learn how to enable and modify alerts.

Using Grafana

(Source: Hortonworks)

Introduces the Grafana-based dashboards of Ambari and how to open the dashboards for each HDP component that is monitored with the visualization tool. The documentation includes a section specifically about HBase dashboards and describes the available metrics about HBase cluster performance.


Hadoop Security Guide

(Source: Hortonworks)

Describes how the security features of HDP operate and how to configure settings depending on your Hadoop implementation.

High Availability

High Availability for HBase

(Source: Hortonworks)

Guides HBase administrators and developers on how to leverage High Availability capabilities in HBase.

Enabling HBase High Availability with Ambari

(Source: Apache Software Foundation)

Describes how to add an HBase Master component to support High Availability.

Apache Phoenix

Apache Phoenix website

(Source: Apache Software Foundation)

Apache Phoenix says "We put the SQL back in NoSQL." This Apache community website provides both an introduction and detailed reference about Phoenix, which is a SQL skin for working with HBase and other Hadoop components.

Hive-HBase Integration

HBaseIntegration wiki

(Source: Apache wiki)

Describes how to integrate the two data access components so that HiveQL statements can access HBase tables for both read (SELECT) and write (INSERT) operations.

API Reference

HBase Java API

(Source: Hortonworks and Apache)

Reference documentation of HBase Java APIs as generated by Javadoc.