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Apache Phoenix

Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 2.5 supports Apache Phoenix version 4.7, plus some but not all enhancements for version 4.8. Important new features include the following:

Phoenix Operability with .NET Driver (Technical Preview)

You can use a .NET Driver, as well as other non-Java drivers, to develop Phoenix applications outside of a Java framework. The .NET Driver operates only in environments that use the Phoenix Query Server.

Kerberos Support in Phoenix Query Server

You can implement tighter security on the Phoenix Query Server by configuring new parameters of keytab files and the hbase-site.xml file.

Improved Integration of Phoenix Schemas with HBase Namespaces

Configure new properties in the hbase-site.xml file to create data schemas in Phoenix that map to HBase namespaces. This functionality can help you integrate HBase and Phoenix if you prefer to use a relational database framework for creating and modifying namespaces.

Interoperability of Hive and Phoenix (Technical Preview)

You can configure Phoenix Storage Handlers so that Hive queries can be run on Phoenix data.