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What's New in Apache HBase

HBase in Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 2.6 includes the following new features:

HBase Storage Quota (Technical Preview)

In a multitenant environment, you often want to set quotas for limited resources for networking and storage to protect the SLAs of critical workloads. Earlier versions of HBase that were bundled in HDP support setting quota limits on RPC requests, also known as request throttling. HBase in HDP 2.6 introduces storage quota. This allows you to manage storage at either the namespace or the table level.

HBase Backup-and-Restore Supports Bulk-Loaded Data (Technical Preview)

HDP 2.6 allows you to use incremental backups with bulk-loaded data. In HDP 2.5, bulk-loaded data is only included in full backups. Bulk loading is a common technique for ingesting data into HBase. Bulk-loaded data does not produce write-ahead-logs (WALs).