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Configuring SQL Standard-Based Authorization


You must have permission to run Hive commands as admin.


Use the following procedure to configure SQL standard-based authorization for Hive:

  1. Set the following configuration properties in the hive-site.xml file to enable SQL standard-based authorization.

    • hive.server2.enable.doAs

      Allows Hive queries to be run by the user who submits the query, rather than by the hive user. Must be set to false for SQL standard-based authorization.


      Comma-separated list of users assigned to the admin role.

  2. Grant the ADMIN privilege to the admin role:

    GRANT admin TO USER hiveadmin;

  3. Start HiveServer2 with the following command-line option settings:

    Command line option

    Required value



    "" (Quotation marks surrounding a single empty space)

    These properties appear in the following snippet of the hive-site.xml file:

     <value></ value>