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Performing Manual Compactions

Hive administrators use the ALTER TABLE DDL command to queue requests that compact base and delta files for a table or partition:

ALTER TABLE tablename [PARTITION (partition_key='partition_value' [,...])] COMPACT 'compaction_type'

Use the SHOW COMPACTIONS command to monitor the progress of the compactions:


ALTER TABLE will compact tables even if the NO_AUTO_COMPACTION table property is set.

The SHOW COMPACTIONS command provides the following output for each compaction:

  • Database name

  • Table name

  • Partition name

  • Major or minor compaction

  • Compaction state:

    • Initiated - waiting in queue

    • Working - currently compacting

    • Ready for cleaning - compaction completed and old files scheduled for removal

  • Thread ID

  • Start time of compaction

Hive administrators can also view a list of currently open and aborted transactions with the the SHOW TRANSACTIONS command. This command provides the following output for each transaction:

  • Transaction ID

  • Transaction state

  • Hive user who initiated the transaction

  • Host machine where transaction was initiated