IOP to HDP Migration
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Chapter 1. Migrating from IOP to HDP

This topic provides an overview of the full process required to migrate from IBM Open Platform (IOP) versions 4.2.x to Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) version 2.6.2.

Prerequisites for your migration process:

Process Overview Steps:

  1. Back up Metadata.

    For details on how to back up:

  2. Upgrade your version of Ambari.

    For Ambari upgrade details, see Upgrade Ambari.

  3. Clean up IBM value-added services from your environment.

    For value-add service cleanup details, see Cleaning up IBM value-add services.

  4. Remove deprecated components and services from your environment.

    For component and service deletion details, see Removing deprecated components and services.

  5. Upgrade the stack.

    For stack upgrade details, see Upgrade the Stack.

  6. Upgrade and finalize your Big SQL installation.

    For upgrading and finalizing details, see Upgrading and finalizing Big SQL.

  7. Upgrade IBM DSM.

    For upgrading details, see Upgrading IBM Data Server Manager (DSM).