IOP to HDP Migration
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Post-upgrade Tasks

  1. Remove ambari-log4j package that is no longer used from the ambari-server host.

    yum remove ambari-log4j
  2. Restart Ambari server after the Express Upgrade has been finalized and migration is complete.

    ambari-server restart
  3. Upgrade bigtop-tomcat for Oozie


    If upgrading from IOP- 4.2.0, Oozie start will fail due to the incompatible C version 6.0.36-3.el6 installed from the IOP-4.2.0 repo.

    You must upgrade bigtop-tomcat to version 6.0.48-1 provided by HDP-2.6.2 repo.

    Perform upgrade of bigtop-tomcat on all hosts where Oozie server is installed.

    yum upgrade bigtop-tomcat
  4. Regenerate Keytabs for All Services


    If the cluster is kerberized, regenerate keytabs for all services after the upgrade.

  5. (Optional) Add Grafana

    If upgrading from IOP- 4.2.0, and if you did not add Grafana after upgrading Ambari, Grafana does not exist as a component in your cluster.

    You can add Grafana using the following set of instructions:

    Add Grafana to Ambari Metrics