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Fixed Issues for IOP

The fixed issues listed here are issues that were specifically addressed to support the migration from IOP to HDP.

Hortonworks Bug IDApache JIRASummary
BUG-77044 HIVE-17093 HSI: Hive Runtime Error while closing operators:
BUG-83080 CALCITE-1539, PHOENIX-3598 Backport "doAs" support for Avatica/PQS
BUG-83117 HBASE-15199 Backport HBASE-15199 Move jruby jar
BUG-83120 HBASE-17869 Backport HBASE-17869 UnsafeAvailChecker wrongly returns false
BUG-83121 HBASE-16149 Backport HBASE-16149 Log the underlying RPC exception
BUG-83122 PHOENIX-3633 Backport PHOENIX-3633 null pointer exception
BUG-83227 HBASE-13706 Backport HBASE-13706 CoprocessorClassLoader should not exempt Hive classes
BUG-83229 HBASE-13698 Backport HBASE-13698 Add RegionLocator methods to Thrift2 proxy
BUG-83281 KNOX-751 IBM/IOP Transition Requirements for UI Proxying for Multiple Hosts on Page
BUG-83319 KNOX-776 Rewrite rules for WebSockets
BUG-83334 MAPREDUCE-6246 Backport MAPREDUCE-6246: appending extra semicolon to query which is incompatible with DB2
BUG-83339 HIVE-4577 Backport HIVE-4577
BUG-83340 HIVE-11481 Backport HIVE-11481
BUG-83341 HIVE-10616 Backport HIVE-10616
BUG-83342 HIVE-6990 Backport HIVE-6990
BUG-83343 HIVE-10495 Backport HIVE-10495
BUG-83359 HIVE-15081 Backport HIVE-15081
BUG-83361 KNOX-920 Make avatica service use default policies
BUG-83455 HADOOP-10774, HADOOP-11819, HADOOP-12418, HDFS-4681, HDFS-9601 Backport Test fixes from IOP
BUG-83458 HADOOP-11180 HADOOP-11180: Change log message "token.Token: Cannot find class for token kind kms-dt" to debug
BUG-83459 HDFS-8307 HDFS-8307: Spurious DNS Queries from hdfs shell
BUG-83479 HDFS-8312 HDFS-8312: Trash does not descent into child directories to check for permissions
BUG-83480 HADOOP-11677 HADOOP-11677: Add cookie flags for logs and static contexts
BUG-83483 HDFS-11198 NN UI should link DN web address using hostnames
BUG-83487 HDFS-11156, HDFS-6874 HDFS-6874 : Add GETFILEBLOCKLOCATIONS operation to HttpFS
BUG-83488 HADOOP-5732 HADOOP-5732: Add SFTPFileSystem
BUG-83529N/ABackport "Support HBase-Spark with spark version-2.1.0" from IBM repo
BUG-83534N/ABackport "Hard coded the value of unaligned to "true"" from IBM repo
BUG-83539 HBASE-16767, HBASE-16812, HBASE-16841, HBASE-17005, HBASE-17095, HBASE-17157, HBASE-17241, HBASE-17243 Verify all commits for MOB are present from IBM repo in our branches
BUG-83550 HIVE-17068 IBM: Parquet fixes
BUG-83553 HADOOP-12087 HADOOP-12087: Fix javadoc errors caused by incorrect or illegal tags
BUG-83558 HADOOP-10829 HADOOP-10829: Iteration on CredentialProviderFactory.serviceLoader is thread-unsafe
BUG-83606N/ASource oozie env to find open JDK version for Power machine
BUG-83607N/ABring HBase share lib back in IOP 4.2
BUG-83618N/AFix UT failure from IOP list
BUG-83708 N/A Use IBM library for building on POWER
BUG-83717N/AIOP: Update the CLASSPATH setting in Kafka for connectors
BUG-83800 MAPREDUCE-5621 [IBM] Starting history server shows warning message for permission.
BUG-83805 ZOOKEEPER-2149 Backport ZOOKEEPER-2149 Logging of client address when socket ...
BUG-83858 HDFS-11502 HDFS-11502: dn.js set datanode UI to window.location.hostname, it should use jmx bean property to setup hostname.
BUG-83924N/ABackporting IBM Sqoop changes to HDP M17
BUG-83940 ZOOKEEPER-1643 Backport ZOOKEEPER-1643 Windows: fetch_and_add not 64bit-compatible, may not be correct
BUG-83941 ZOOKEEPER-1901 Backport ZOOKEEPER-1901 [JDK8] Sort children for comparison in AsyncOps tests
BUG-83942 ZOOKEEPER-1911 Backport ZOOKEEPER-1911 REST contrib module does not include all required files when packaged
BUG-84027 SQOOP-1905 IBM Backport for Sqoop: SQOOP-1905
BUG-84029 SQOOP-1906 IBM Backport for Sqoop: SQOOP-1906
BUG-84031 SQOOP-1907 IBM Backport for Sqoop: SQOOP-1907
BUG-84036 SQOOP-2536 IBM Backport for Sqoop: SQOOP-2536
BUG-84037 SQOOP-3208 IBM Backport for Sqoop: IOP RTC number 160450
BUG-84040 SQOOP-1932 IBM Backport for Sqoop: SQOOP-1932
BUG-84107 AMBARI-21444 Allow users to override the default permission of 777 on `/apps/hive/warehouse`
BUG-84150 SPARK-21407 IOP: Fix for SPNEGO in STS
BUG-84151 SPARK-19999 IOP: Fix for Power JDK
BUG-84362 KNOX-786 IBM/IOP Spark Thriftserver UI support through Knox
BUG-84371N/ARM UI - Knox Service Definition Update
BUG-84659 AMBARI-21573 Kafka service failed to start during regenerate keytab after upgrade from Biginsights 4.2.5,4.2.0 to HDP 2.6.2
BUG-84684 KNOX-973 IOP Transition - Backport NodeManager Patch from KNOX-975
BUG-85166N/AFailed to Enable BigSql extension after upgrading cluster from IOP 4.2.5 to HDP 2.6.2
BUG-85289N/Aeven if LDAP/AD is configured in ranger usersync then also it is using unix source on IOP migrated cluster
BUG-85340 AMBARI-21637 hive.execution.engine set to tez in IOP upgrade runs
BUG-85864N/AMake IOP 4.2.5 and Ambari IBM 2.4.2 repos available locally for Power
BUG-86582 AMBARI-21768 [IOP->HDP Upgrade] Spark1 historyserver takes incorrect event log dir
BUG-86593 AMBARI-21770 Spark1 Shuffle Property Is Removed Incorrectly on a Stack Upgrade
BUG-86608 AMBARI-21765 [iop] URL is wrong in the default topology on IOP upgraded cluster
BUG-86693N/Ahadoop-httpfs service fails to start on IOP migrated clusters with No such file or directory
BUG-86972 AMBARI-21823 Spark2 Shuffle Configuration Property Not Configure After Upgrade From BigInsights
BUG-86976N/A[IOP] RPC Protection Type is not being set on the IOP migrated cluster