Release Notes
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This release provides Knox 0.12.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • KNOX-390: fix of backport merge issue.

  • KNOX-390: Include client IP and HTTP verb in audit log.

  • KNOX-626: NameNode UI through Knox has various tabs not working.

  • KNOX-751: Need rewrite function to capture href information from single page host to rewrite output of node hosts.

  • KNOX-776: Rewrite rule handling for Websockets.

  • KNOX-786: Spark Thriftserver UI support through Knox.

  • KNOX-841: Changed version number for Solr proxy support.

  • KNOX-890: Make IdleTimeout Configurable in Knox Gateway Server (make default 5 mins).

  • KNOX-897: X-Forwarded-Port incorrectly defaults to the one configured for Knox if standard ports (80 and 443) are used (Attila Kanto via Sandeep More).

  • KNOX-900: In the WebsocketMultipleConnectionTest before sending data check whether the socket is active.

  • KNOX-902: Fix the hardcoded knoxsso topology name.

  • KNOX-903: KnoxShell allows self signed certs to be used without any checks.

  • KNOX-904: Reverting back httpclient to 4.5.1 due to bug in 4.5.2.

  • KNOX-906: Log WARN of Removed Impersonation Params.

  • KNOX-909: Ambari rewrite update for SmartSense.

  • KNOX-911: Ability to scope cookies to a given Path.

  • KNOX-913: Invalid login.jsp redirect for Ranger Admin UI.

  • KNOX-917: Fix Pig view in Ambari.

  • KNOX-920: Make avatica service use default policies.

  • KNOX-923: Add ClientData to KnoxToken Service to Include in JSON Response.

  • KNOX-928: Topology Port Mapping Feature.

  • KNOX-932: Option to remove the server-name from HTTP-header response.

  • KNOX-936: On websocket error properly close all the sessions and containers..

  • KNOX-938: JWTProvider to accept Query Param as well as Bearer Token.

  • KNOX-944: Make PBE Hashing, Iteration Count and Salt Configurable and Manageable.

  • KNOX-947: SSOCookieProvider to be configurable for signature verification key/PEM.

  • KNOX-947: SSOCookieProvider to be configurable for signature verification key/PEM.

  • KNOX-948: Refactor AbstractJWTFilter implementations.

  • KNOX-948: Refactor AbstractJWTFilter implementations.

  • KNOX-949: WeBHDFS proxy replaces %20 encoded spaces in URL with + encoding.

  • KNOX-950: Fix a bug that prevents wss:// protocol from connection to websocket backend..

  • KNOX-952: Add common tests for the two JWT filters.

  • KNOX-954: Properly handle parsing errors for JWT tokens.

  • KNOX-973: Update Yarn UI services.

  • KNOX-974: Update HDFS UI services.

  • KNOX-975: Add NodeManager Service Definition.

  • KNOX-977: Exclude extraneous in admin-ui file from release.

  • KNOX-981: Make Topology Instance Available in WebContext for Runtime Access.

  • KNOX-982: Datanode JMX REST Knox service.

  • KNOX-986: JMX Metric Reporter and OutOfMemory Issues.

  • KNOX-994: Introducing a new variable that enhances the function, needed for Zeppelin / fix.

  • KNOX-995: KnoxSSO Form IDP Issue with Firefox.

HDP 2.6.1 provided Knox 0.12.0 with no additional Apache patches.

HDP 2.6.0 provided Knox 0.12.0 with no additional Apache patches.