Release Notes
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New Features

This section highlights new features in HDP 2.6.2.

Apache ComponentsFeature

Ambari rack awareness for Kafka (AMBARI-21234)


Rack awareness is available after upgrading to Ambari 2.5.2 and restarting Kafka brokers. Rack awareness is only supported in Kafka version 0.10 or later.

Phoenix and Spark 2

Spark 2 connections to Phoenix (PHOENIX-3333)

There is a new version of Phoenix client jars built for Spark2 (phoenix-spark2.jar).


You will need to add this jar BEFORE phoenix-client.jar in the driver and executor extra classpaths.


Dynamic tag-based column masking of Hive columns using Ranger policies (RANGER-1492, RANGER-1493, RANGER-1494)

Ranger tag-based masking policy anonymizes Hive column data based on tags and tag attribute values associated with Hive column (usually specified as metadata classification in Atlas).