Apache Hive Performance Tuning
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Run an interactive query

You connect to HiveServer through Beeline to run interactive queries, which are queries that take advantage of low-latency analytical processing (LLAP). In the connection string, you specify the FQDN of the node that runs HiveServer Interactive.

  • You set up LLAP and restarted services.
  • You checked the HiveServer Interactive UI, which you access from Summary > Quick Links > HiveServer Interactive UI, and you see that LLAP is running.
  1. On the command-line of a node in the cluster, connect to HiveServer Interactive on port 10500 through Beeline.

    For example, enter the following beeline command, but replace my_hiveserver_interactive.com with the FQDN of your HiveServer Interactive node:

    $ beeline -n hive -u jdbc:hive2://my_hiveserver_interactive.com:10500/;transportMode=binary
  2. At the Hive prompt, create a table and insert data.
    CREATE TABLE students (name VARCHAR(64), age INT, gpa DECIMAL(3,2));
    INSERT INTO TABLE students VALUES ('fred flintstone', 35, 1.28), ('barney rubble', 32, 2.32);             
    You probably notice that Hive inserted the data much faster using the LLAP interactive query than using a conventional Hive query.