Installing Apache Ranger
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Customize Services: Tagsync

How to customize the Ranger Tagsync service when installing Ranger via Ambari.

Under Ambari > Ranger > Configs > Ranger Tagsync tag.

  1. To configure Ranger Tagsync, select Ranger Tagsync on the Customize Services page, then specify a Tagsync source.
    It is recommended that you only configure Atlas Tag Source. Configuring File Tag Source or Atlas REST Tag Source is generally not required, and should only be attempted by advanced users.
  2. Configure Atlas Tag Source Properties:
    Table 1. Atlas Tag Source Properties
    Property Description
    Atlas Source: Kafka endpoint The Kafka endpoint: <kafka_server_url>:6667
    Atlas Source: ZooKeeper endpoint The ZooKeeper endpoint: <zookeeper_server_url>:2181
    Atlas Source: Kafka consumer group The Ranger entities consumer.
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