Installing Apache Ranger
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Customize Authentication: UNIX

How to customize the Ranger UNIX Authentication service when installing Ranger via Ambari.

  1. Select the Advanced tab on the Customize Services page.
  2. Under Ranger Settings, specify the Ranger Access Manager/Service Manager host address in the External URL box in the format http://<your_ranger_host>:6080.
  3. Under Ranger Settings, select UNIX.
    HTTP is enabled by default -- if you disable HTTP, only HTTPS is allowed.
  4. Under UNIX Authentication Settings, set the following properties.
    Table 1. UNIX Authentication Settings
    Property Description Default Value Example Value
    Allow remote Login Flag to enable/disable remote login. Only applies to UNIX authentication. true true
    ranger.unixauth.service.hostname The address of the host where the UNIX authentication service is running. {{ugsync_host}}


    ranger.unixauth.service.port The port number on which the UNIX authentication service is running. 5151 5151

    Properties with value {{xyz}} are macro variables that are derived from other specified values in order to streamline the configuration process. Macro variables can be edited if required -- if you need to restore the original value, click the Set Recommended symbol at the right of the property box.

    Under Ambari > Add Service Wizard, Ranger Settings and Unix Authentication Settings.
“Complete the Ranger Installation”