Installing Apache Ranger
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Customize Services: Plugins

How to enable Ranger Plugins when installing Ranger via Ambari.

If you are using a Kerberos-enabled cluster, there are a number of additional steps you must follow to ensure that you can use the Ranger plugins on a Kerberos cluster.

The following Ranger plugins are available:
  • HDFS
  • Hive
  • HBase
  • Kafka
  • Knox
  • YARN
  • Storm
  • Atlas
  • Solr
  1. From the Ranger Plugin tab, turn On the plugins you want.
    Under Ambari > Ranger > Configs > Ranger Plugin tab.

    For every plugin you enable, you will have to restart the associated component. E.G., if you enable the HDFS Ranger plugin, you will have to restart HDFS.

  2. Click Next.
“Customize Services: User Sync”