Using Apache Hive
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Alter a table from flat to transactional

You might have a flat table, which is a non-transactional table in the Hive warehouse, present from earlier releases. You can use an ALTER TABLE statement to change a table from flat to transactional.

Upon completion of the task, you can immediately run update and delete operations on the table.

  1. Start the Hive shell:
    From the command line:hive
  2. Enter your user name and password.
    The Hive 3 connection message appears, followed by the Hive prompt for entering queries on the command line:
    Connected to: Apache Hive (version
    Driver: Hive JDBC (version
    Transaction isolation: TRANSACTION_REPEATABLE_READ
    Beeline version by Apache Hive
    0: jdbc:hive2://,>
  3. Alter the flat table to make it transactional.
    ALTER TABLE T3 SET TBLPROPERTIES ('transactional'='true');