Using Apache Hive
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Automate partition discovery and repair

Hive automatically and periodically discovers discrepancies in partition metadata in the Hive metastore and corresponding directories on the file system, and then performs synchronization. Automating this operation for log data or data in Spark and Hive catalogs is especially helpful.

The discover.partitions table property enables and disables synchronization of the file system with partitions. In external partitioned tables, this property is enabled (true) by default when you create the table using Hive in HDP 3.1.4 and later. To a legacy external table (created using an earlier version of Hive), add discover.partitions to the table properties to enable partition discovery. By default, the discovery and synchronization of partitions occurs every 5 minutes, but you can configure the frequency as shown in this task.

  1. Assuming you have an external table created using a version of Hive that does not support partition discovery, enable partition discovery for the table.
    ALTER TABLE exttbl SET TBLPROPERTIES ('discover.partitions' = 'true');
  2. Set synchronization of partitions to occur every 10 minutes expressed in seconds: In Ambari > Hive > Configs, set to 600.