HDP 3.1.4 Release Notes
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This release provides Atlas 2.0 with no additional Apache patches.

HDP 3.0.0, HDP 3.0.1, HDP 3.1.0 provided Atlas 1.1.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • ATLAS-2961: updated Hive hook to recognize configuration 'hdfs_path.convert_to_lowercase'

  • ATLAS-2950: UI - In newer versions of chrome i.e 70 onwards, if a new column is added the instead of right most it appears at the left most

  • ATLAS-2943: Export options null check added.

  • ATLAS-2900: Export connected addressed case where imported file is not usable.

  • BUG-113089: fix build issue for npm mime-db compatible version issue

  • ATLAS-2927: Update lineage query for Process entities

  • ATLAS-2926: ZipSink OOM

  • ATLAS-2921: Update import scripts exit status in case of java error

  • ATLAS-2924: Use encoded property name in getEncodedProperty() and setEncodedProperty() methods

  • ATLAS-1950: Import API: Improvement: Specify Supertypes in Import Transforms

  • ATLAS-2797: Atlas Cluster.

  • ATLAS-2798: Export & Import Audits.

  • ATLAS-2802: Atlas Client Update for Export and Import.

  • ATLAS-2804: Export & Import Detailed Audits.

  • ATLAS-2805: Applying classification updates modificationTimestamp

  • ATLAS-2806: Using replication attributes during export and import process.

  • ATLAS-2811: Skip Lineage Export option.

  • ATLAS-2738: Export Process: Support for incremental export.

  • ATLAS-2820: UI : Add replication audits tab for AtlasCluster entity to show Export & Import audit

  • ATLAS-2814: Cluster stores replication details.

  • ATLAS-2818: Entity tagging after import.

  • ATLAS-2843: AtlasClient updates for exportData and importData.

  • ATLAS-2845: Rename AtlasCluster to AtlasServer.

  • ATLAS-2856: added utility methods to RequestContext, to find number of active requests and earliest active request-time

  • ATLAS-2862: Incremental Export now uses request context to determine change marker.

  • ATLAS-2870: Improvement to AddClassification transform to use filters.

  • ATLAS-2869: Hdfs_path if requested are created and then proceeds with export.

  • ATLAS-2864: Improved incremental export queries.

  • ATLAS-2873: Atlas Import Transform Handler Implementation

  • ATLAS-2874: Include handling of Atlas Entity Transformers in current Import logic

  • ATLAS-2875: Implement clear attribute value transformer for Atlas Entity Transformer

  • ATLAS-2882: AddClassification transform for new transforms

  • ATLAS-2886: Support for fully qualified server name

  • ATLAS-2892: Delete by name REST endpoint.

  • ATLAS-2895: Server full name processing

  • ATLAS-2888: Change marker fix for server name. Unit test fix.

  • ATLAS-2906: Allow transforms to be applied when entity-level transforms are present.

  • ATLAS-2897: Better handling of empty zip files. Unit test fix.

  • ATLAS-2909: ChangeMarker updated during initialization.

  • ATLAS-2923: Options copied to AttributeDefinition

  • ATLAS-2922: Multiplicity computation updated for SET/optional

  • ATLAS-2724: UI enhancement for Avro schemas and other JSON-valued attributes

  • ATLAS-2786: updated HBase client to use all zookeeper entries

  • ATLAS-2827: Fix to handle failure in saving indexable string property of large size

  • ATLAS-2844: added eventTime field in EntityNotificationV2

  • ATLAS-2847: UI - Add grunt scripts in package.json

  • ATLAS-2848: Fix property name in ApplicationProperties

  • ATLAS-2849: Basic search result list for classification= '_NOT_CLASSIFIED' returns type vertices in addition to matching entity vertices

  • ATLAS-2852: Export Import simultaneous requests updated error code.

  • ATLAS-2853: updated to send entity-notifications after successful graph transaction commit

  • ATLAS-2857: Fix Atlas release version in /api/atlas/version API.

  • ATLAS-2860: Remove dependency on atlas-application.properties for AtlasClient.

  • ATLAS-2872: updated HiveHook to purge name cache periodically

  • ATLAS-2877: updated notification processing to wait only before retry

  • ATLAS-2878: avoid retrieval of entiyWithExtInfo when extInfo is not needed

  • ATLAS-2891: updated hook notification processing with option to ignore potentially incorrect hive_column_lineage

  • ATLAS-2905: Generate lineage information for process entities

  • ATLAS-2907: UI - show lineage information for process entities

  • ATLAS-2917: Filter added for Lineage to hide Process entity.

  • ATLAS-2918: Update JanusGraph version to 0.3.1

  • ATLAS-2920: Update JanusGraph Solr clients to use all zookeeper entries

HDP 3.0.0 and HDP 3.0.1 provided Atlas 1.0.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • ATLAS-2740: Updated import-hbase.sh script to populate values for missed HBase column-family attributes.

  • ATLAS-2751: Atlas is not consuming messages from ATLAS_HOOK topic after recovering from zookeeper connection timeout.