Apache Solr Search Installation
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Chapter 6. Applying Minor Upgrades to HDP Search

This chapter describes the procedure of applying update patches to HDP Search 5.0.


Before updating HDP Search, you should ensure that all indexing has stopped for Solr and all connectors, including Hadoop, Hive, and via Pig.

  1. Download the latest HDP Search Package:

    cd /tmp
    wget http://public-repo-1.hortonworks.com/CLOUDERA-HDP-SOLR/repos/centos7/
  2. Upgrade the Management Pack with the following command in Ambari:

    ambari-server upgrade-mpack --mpack=cloudera-hdp-solr-mpack-mpack- --verbose
  3. Restart Ambari to make the changes effective:

    ambari-server restart
  4. Log in to Ambari Web UI.

  5. Go to Stack and Versions > Versions > Manage Versions and click on the actual stack version link.

  6. Update the CLOUDERAHDPSOLR base URL.

    Set it to http://public-repo-1.hortonworks.com/CLOUDERA-HDP-SOLR/repos/centos7/

  7. Click Save and confirm changes.

  8. Return to Ambari Web UI and stop the Solr service.

  9. Remove Solr service from Ambari.

  10. Log in to the hosts that were running the Solr service and remove the Solr packages.

    yum remove cloudera-hdp-solr
  11. Add the Solr service to your cluster, using the Ambari Web UI.