Apache Solr Search Installation
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Chapter 5. Upgrading HDP Search

This chapter describes the upgrade process from HDP Search 4.0 to HDP Search 5.0.


This procedure is only applicable to HDP Search 4.0 to HDP Search 5.0 upgrades. Do not attempt to upgrade a cluster with HDP Search 3.0 or earlier using this method.


Before upgrading HDP Search, you should ensure that all indexing has stopped for Solr and all connectors, including Hadoop, Hive, and via Pig.

  1. Stop Solr service.

  2. Remove Solr service from Ambari.

  3. Upgrade Ambari to 2.7.3 and HDP

  4. Verify that Ambari and HDP upgrade suceeded.

  5. Upgrade Ambari Metrics, Smartsense, and Infra Solr.

  6. Upgrade the Stack by removing the HDP Search 4.0.0 mpack and installing the Cloudera HDP Search 5.0.0 mpack.

  7. Add the Solr service to your cluster, using the Ambari Web UI. Make sure that ZooKeeper, HDFS, Ranger and memory settings are consistent with the old installation.