Apache Solr Search Installation
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Chapter 1. Introduction

HDP Search is a full-text search server, designed for enterprise-level performance, flexibility, scalability, and fault-tolerance. HDP Search exposes REST-like HTTP/XML and JSON APIs for use with a wide range of programming languages.

HDP Search includes:

  • Apache Solr 7.4.0 (for HDP Search 5.0)

  • Banana 1.6.12

  • JARs for integration with Hadoop, Spark, Hive and Pig.


HDP Search is a separate product, not packaged with the HDP platform.

The high-level steps for using HDP search are as follows:

  1. Install and deploy HDP Search, either manually or by using Ambari.

  2. Ingest documents from sources such as HDFS.

  3. Index the data. Documents, and updates to documents, will be available for search almost immediately after being indexed.

  4. Perform a wide range of basic and advanced operations on the indexed documents.


  • This document describes software requirements for HDP Search, followed by installation instructions for specific operating systems.

  • For information about using Solr, see the Solr Reference Guide and the Solr tutorial.

  • For detailed information about connecting to data sources and ingesting data on secure and non-secure clusters, see the Connector User Guide.

  • For detailed information on using Banana with Solr, see Banana.