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Chargeback dashboard

The Chargeback dashboard helps operators understand which resources are being consumed and what costs are associated with these resources. This dashboard exposes five types of resources:

  • CPU Hours (in hours) - The amount of CPU used by MapReduce and Tez jobs

  • Memory Hours (in gigabytes) - The amount of memory consumed by MapReduce and Tez jobs, and length of consumption

  • Storage (in gigabytes) - The amount of HDFS space being consumed

  • Data IO (in gigabytes) - The amount of data read and written to HDFS

  • Network IO (in gigabytes) - The amount of data sent and received over the cluster’s network

The information is contained in the following paragraph:

Paragraph Description
Chargeback Report

This paragraph lets you associate a financial cost with each of the five resources presented in the previous paragraph. Based on these per unit financial costs, you can see how much should be charged for each resource type.

The report also sums up the charge per resource to a per user total, so it’s easy to see how much should be charged back to that specific user for their total resource consumption.

The goal is to show how much money each user should be charged for the cluster resources that they have consumed.