Using SmartSense
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YARN dashboard

The YARN dashboard provides key information for queue, application, container, and NodeManager host metrics.

This dashboard includes the following paragraphs:

  • Application Runtime Duration by Queue
  • CPU Consumption Per Queue
  • Memory Consumption Per Queue
  • Applications per Queue
  • Applications Requesting Max Containers
  • Applications With Max Containers Failures
  • Hosts With Max Containers Executed
  • Hosts With Max Application Failures
  • Hosts With Longest Localization Time
  • Hosts With Longest Container Launch Delay

Most of these paragraphs have titles that are self-explanatory. One of them is described below to provide more context:

Paragraph Description
Applications With Max Containers Failures

This paragraph shows the top jobs with the highest number of failed containers and the reason for each failure, so that you can quickly identify which containers failed and why.