Using SmartSense
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Reviewing a recommendation

To review a recommendation, click on its corresponding row.

The following actions are available for each recommendation:
  • Ignore - Let us know that you do not want to apply this recommendation and help us understand why.

  • Defer - Let us know that you will be applying this at a later date, but not right now.

  • Mark As Applied (for recommendations that have to be applied manually), or Proceed to Apply (for recommendations that can be applied automatically)

If you ignore or defer a recommendation, you can still apply it later.

After clicking on a specific recommendation, the following information is available for each recommendation:

Recommendation details

Column Description

One of:

One of:
  • Open

  • Applied

  • Ignored

  • Deferred

  • Reverted

  • Reopened

Recommendation Category Broad category (such as "Operations", "Performance", or "Security") to which the recommendation belongs.
Affects Describes to which specific software component the recommendation is related.
Rule Id Unique ID that identifies the SmartSense rule related to the SmartSense recommendation.
Description Background and context related to the recommendation.
Findings Description of how your cluster deviates from the recommended configuration.
Recommendation An outline of specific changes that need to be made to your cluster to apply the recommendation.
Lists affected configuration properties, including:
  • Config File - The specific file that needs to be changed

  • Property Name - The specific property that needs to be changed

  • Captured Value - Configured value at the time of bundle capture

  • Current Value - Current configured value in Ambari

  • Recommended Value - Recommended value for this cluster

Affected hosts Hosts on which the configuration change is required.