Using SmartSense
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Download and upload bundles

Completed bundles can be manually downloaded and uploaded. To view and download bundles, follow these steps:

  1. Access the SmartSense View by clicking and selecting SmartSense View.
  2. Click the Bundles link in the top right corner.
    This page shows all bundles that have been captured and their status. If data is still being captured, the UI automatically updates itself with the capture progress until completed.
  3. After the bundle is in a completed state, you can:
    • Download it manually by clicking Download and selecting either Download Encrypted or Download Unencrypted.
    • Upload it manually by clicking Upload.

You can also automate and schedule this process by using the SmartSense gateway. When using the SmartSense gateway, all bundles are uploaded to Hortonworks. When support case troubleshooting bundles are received, they trigger a case notification. This case notification uses the case number provided during the capture initiation process. For more information about available ways to upload support bundles, refer to documentation related to bundle transport.