Setting the cache timeout

Enable Hue UI caching by setting a timeout in milliseconds. The default is 86400000 milliseconds or one day. Set the timeout to 0 to disable caching.

You can set the cache timeout using the cacheable_ttl property under the [desktop][[custom]] section in the hue_safety_valve configuration property in Cloudera Data Warehouse.
  1. Log in to the Data Warehouse service as an administrator.
  2. Go to the Virtual Warehouses > Edit > CONFIGURATIONS > Hue and select hue-safety-valve from the Configuration files drop-down list.
  3. Add the following parameters with the cache timeout value to the hue_safety_valve configuration parameter:

    For example, the following configuration sets the cache timeout to the default value of 86400000 milliseconds:

  4. Click APPLY.
  5. Restart the Virtual Warehouse.