Fixed issues

Review the list of Flink and SQL Stream Builder issues that are resolved in Cloudera Streaming Analytics 1.5.1.

CSA-2093: SQL Jobs are not listed with Knox
The issue regarding the Knox authentication and SQL job list is revolde. The stopped or running jobs are listed under the SQL Jobs tab in Streaming SQL Console when using Knox authentication.
CSA-2155: Dependency version mismatch in Streaming SQL Engine logs

The issue regarding the errors of the Streaming SQL Engine logs has been resolved. Errors are not generated due to not compatible dependency versions in the Streaming SQL Engine.

CSA-2156: SASL password is displayed for Kafka Data Provider
The password you set for the Kafka Data Provider when using the wizard in Streaming SQL Console is now hidden on the UI.
CSA-2302: SQL Stream Builder ignores restart from savepoint
The issue regarding SQL Stream Builder ignoring the restart from savepoint option has been resolved.