This topic lists all the limitations associated with the Applications feature.

  • Securing project resources

    CDSW applications are accessible by any user with read-only (or higher) access to the project. However, CDSW does not actively prevent you from running an application that allows a read-only user (for example, Viewers) to modify files belonging to the project. It is up to you to make the application truly read-only in terms of files, models, and other resources belonging to the project.

  • Port availability
    CDSW exposes only 3 ports per running session. This means you can run a maximum of 3 web applications simultaneously in a session:
    • one on CDSW_APP_PORT
    • and, one on the now-deprecated CDSW_PUBLIC_PORT

    However, by default the editors feature runs third-party browser-based editors on CDSW_APP_PORT. Therefore, for projects that are already using browser-based third-party editors, you are left with only 2 other ports to run applications on: CDSW_READONLY_PORT and CDSW_PUBLIC_PORT.