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VM Version Documentation
CDH 5 and Cloudera Manager 5
  • To learn more about CDH 5 and Cloudera Manager 5, see the Cloudera 5 documentation.
  • For the latest important information about new features, incompatible changes, and known issues, see the Release Guide.
  • For information on the versions of the components in the latest release, and links to each project's changes files and release notes, see the packaging section of Version and Download Information.
  • Cloudera Manager is installed in the VM but is turned off by default. Cloudera strongly recommends that if you use Cloudera Manager, you configure the VM with a minimum of 8 GiB RAM and two virtual CPU cores. (If you use the Launch Cloudera Enterprise (trial) version, Cloudera recommends 10 Gib of RAM.) Cloudera Manager and all of the CDH services might not launch properly with less RAM. (By default, the VM uses 4 GiB of RAM and one virtual CPU core.) See Prerequisites.

    To use Cloudera Manager, open either the Launch Cloudera Express icon or the Launch Cloudera Enterprise (trial) icon from the desktop of the VM. After launching Cloudera Manager, all of the services in CDH are started, although it might take several minutes for Cloudera Manager to start all of the services. To conserve resources and improve performance, Cloudera recommends that you stop services you do not plan to use. Changes made to configuration files before launching Cloudera Manager are not preserved.

    You can start or reconfigure any installed services using the web interface that is automatically displayed when the VM starts.