Proof-of-Concept Installation Guide

This guide provides instructions for installing Cloudera software in a non-production environment for demonstration and proof-of-concept use cases. In these procedures, Cloudera Manager automates the installation of the Oracle JDK, Cloudera Manager Server, an embedded PostgreSQL database, Cloudera Manager Agent, CDH, and other managed services on cluster hosts. Cloudera Manager also configures databases for the Cloudera Manager Server and Hive Metastore and optionally for Cloudera Management Service roles.

This guide is recommended for demonstration, testing, and proof-of-concept deployments, but is not supported for production deployments because it is not designed to scale. To use this method, server and cluster hosts must satisfy the following requirements:

  • You must be able to log in to the Cloudera Manager Server host using the root user account or an account that has passwordless sudo privileges.
  • The Cloudera Manager Server host must have uniform SSH access on the same port to all hosts. For more information, see CDH and Cloudera Manager Networking and Security Requirements.
  • All hosts must have access to standard package repositories for the operating system and either or a local repository with the required installation files.
  • SELinux must be disabled or set to permissive mode before running the installer. For more information, see Disable SELinux.