CDH 6 includes Apache Kafka as part of the core package. The documentation includes improved contents for how to set up, install, and administer your Kafka ecosystem. For more information, see the Cloudera Enterprise 6.0.x Apache Kafka Guide. We look forward to your feedback on both the existing and new documentation.

Issues Fixed in CDK 1.3.0 Powered By Apache Kafka

  • KAFKA-2009 - Fix UncheckedOffset.removeOffset synchronization and trace logging issue in mirror maker
  • KAFKA-1984 - Java producer may miss an available partition
  • KAFKA-1971 - Starting a broker with a conflicting id will delete the previous broker registration
  • KAFKA-1952 - High CPU Usage in 0.8.2 release
  • KAFKA-1919 - Metadata request issued with no backoff in new producer if there are no topics